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Breakfast visits up as more workers return to the office

Restaurant visits for breakfast are up 4% in 2023, according to recent findings from Circana, the Chicago-based consumer research company. And most of those visits are happening from Tuesday through Thursday, when people are most likely commuting to the office.

While office workers might be driving weekday breakfast business, it’s male customers aged 45-54 with higher incomes who are the most frequent purchasers and the biggest spenders. This group spends five times more on restaurant breakfasts than the average consumer and often seeks out caffeinated beverages and convenient, on-the-go breakfast items, Circana reports.They tend to stop at a gourmet coffee and tea chain as a way to treat themselves on their way to the office during the week. 

Younger consumers aren’t exactly slackers. Gen Zers who fall into the 18-24 age group may purchase fewer restaurant breakfasts each year than any other age cohort, but they have also increased breakfast visits since last year. And they are still looking to treat themselves, ordering specialty iced and blended drinks but gravitating toward lower-price channels, such as fast-food burger chains.

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