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Restaurant Start-Up Consulting

Restaurant startup

Starting a restaurant doesn't always require culinary experience. But sure, it requires proper planning along an essential opening checklist

1- Establish the restaurant concept and the idea behind it

2- The restaurant name should match your concept

3- Create your budget and hire your team: Restaurant Coach, Lawyer, CPA, Permit Expediter, Architect & Interior Designer, and The General Contractor

Silver Spoon Mia will create your plan with all checklists needed.

4- Establish your permits and apply for the required licenses following your city, county, and State regulations

5- Create your menu and start contacting vendors

6- hire the right staff, conduct interviews, and finalize recruiting procedures

7- order the initial inventory products and start tasting

8- Start training your staff

9- Host your friends and family event

10- Celebrate your opening day!

Consulting with Purpose


Silver Spoon Mia is a consulting and advisory firm that provides strategic counsel to businesses within the hospitality industry in South Florida. It focuses its services on ensuring a smooth restaurant startup and bringing success to struggling operations. The team consists of talented restaurant experts, prodigies, and experienced personnel that strive to make businesses more profitable. Its diverse “super-team” will help you succeed in all fields within and behind your restaurant. It leverages its combined experience in driving sales and reducing production costs to make operations more efficient and increase growth. Its infinite talent and success have helped it stand out and become an industry favorite.

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Services provided include Restaurant Concept Development, Personnel Hiring, Staffing and Training, Menu and Recipe Development, Financial Management, Operations Evaluation and Administration, Quality Control, and Marketing Plan Development, among many others.

No matter the size of your restaurant brand, Silver Spoon Mia always have a custom-fit solution for you. Client satisfaction it’s the #1 priority, so join the team and let us help your restaurant become successful!

Restaurant Consultant

About Us

Silver Spoon Mia is a consulting and advisory firm that provides strategic counsel to businesses within the hospitality industry in South Florida.

Silver Spoon Mia, has helped many local and celebrity restaurants within South Florida Area focusing on Miami Market

Al Kanbar started his restaurant career flipping burgers at a local burger joint. He pursued his management studies in hospitality at LAU, and upon graduation, he opened his first restaurant “Thym-Thym” after graduating (a 350-seat, full-time, family-style, full-dining restaurant). Word started going around about Al’s early success in the restaurant industry; restaurant owners started to seek out him for his advice and consultancy.


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